Our Saint

Prophet Elias came from Thesvis of Arabia and lived in the 9th Century BC, during the reign of King Ahaab of Israel.

His name means God Lord, or God Almighty. He is also called Zealotis because of his zealous nature for the glory of God. He was a very active and powerful Prophet with a fervent soul, a daring heart, and a strong hand, as well as a free mouth to test the faith of the people. As the greatest representative of God upon the earth he was blessed not to die, but to live and ascend to heaven on an imperishable carriage.

His actions were great and he performed many miracles. In summary a few of them will be mentioned here. By his strong and sharp preaching he accused the unlawfulness of Jezebel wife of King Ahaab. By his fervent prayer he prevented it raining for three and a half years. With the repentance of the people he again prayed whereupon it rained heavily. In accordance with an order given to him by God, he went into the desert near the creek "Horrath". God did not foresake him in that time and had crows supply him with food. Later in the home of the hospitable Seraphias he multiplied, by way of a miracle, the flour and the oil of the widowed lady. He also resurrected her son from death. He brought down fire from heaven which burnt the sacrifice in order to prove to the people the true faith of God. He killed the 450 false prophetic priests who were worshipping idols and were influencing the people against the true God. An angel of the lord supplied him with food through which he endured to walk for 40 days and 40 nights without food. He had seen God, as much as it was possible for a human to see God, whilst upon Mt. Horiv.

He prophesised the destruction of the house of the King Ahaab as well as the death of his son Ohosiah. When the King sent troops to find and capture him he brought down fire from heaven and burnt them. He split the current of the Jordan river and walked across, together with his disciple Elisha. Finally, as he was talking with his disciple, God carried Prophet Elias to Heaven. As he ascended into heaven alive, he flung his cloak to Elisha as a symbol for Elisha to continue his ministry.

The Church commemorates Prophet Elias on the 20th of July.