1959 - 1962

1962 - 1976

1976 - 1984

 1976 - 1984

1976 - 1977 Executive Committee
President : Antonios Patsalos
Vice President : Theodoros Fourtounis
Secretary : George Athanasiou
Treasurer : Christophis Orphanou
Committee Member : Stavros Zissopoulos
Committee Member : Dimitrios Nikolias
Committee Member : Konstantinos Loulakis
Committee Member : Athanasios Georvanidis
Committee Member : Panagiotis Tsorvas
Committee Member : Nickolas Kadis

1978 - 1979 Executive Committee
President : Stylianos Langanis
Vice President : Christos Koronis
Secretary : George Athanasiou
Treasurer : Christos Kyriakou
Committee Member : George Genimahaliotis
Committee Member : Theodoros Fourtounis Committee Member : George Karatasas
Committee Member : Christophis Orphanou Committee Member : George Hassouros

1980 - 1981 Executive Committee
President : Andreas Orphanou
Vice President : Haralambos Karakousis
Secretary : George Athanasiou
Treasurer : Christos Kyriakou
Committee Member : Christos Koronis
Committee Member : Theodoros Fourtounis Committee Member : George Karatasas
Committee Member : Panagiotis Tsorbas
Committee Member : George Hassouros
Committee Member : Konstantinos Loulakis

1982 Executive Committee
President : Basil Taliangis
Vice President : John Kiosoglous
Secretary : George Genimahaliotis
Treasurer : George Dimitriou
Committee Member : Dimitrios Theodoridis Committee Member : Theodoros Fourtounis Committee Member : Theodoros Petropoulos Committee Member : Christophis Orphanou Committee Member : Konstantinos Dalkos Committee Member : Nickolas Kadis

1983 Executive Committee
President : Theodoros Fourtounis
Treasurer : Konstantinos Dalkos
Committee Member : Dimitrios Stylianou
Committee Member : Stylianos Kapelos
Committee Member : Nickolas Kadis
Committee Member : Elefterios Tsiorbas
Committee Member : Basilios Georgiou
Committee Member : Haralambos Nikolopoulos
Committee Member : Spiridon Kouvaris
Committee Member : Ioakeim Paronis

In April 1975 His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos arrived in Australia as the new Primate and Spiritual Leader of the Greek Orthodox faithful in Australia.

Another fourteen years were to pass, when at the beginning of 1976, the property situated at 81 Beulah Road was acquired.

In September 1976, Father Theodoros departed for Greece and his position as the new parish priest was taken up by Rev. Haralambos Stratos.

With the advent of the new priest and within the space of a year the Executive Committee purchased the residence at 85 Beulah Road which adjoined the Church. The acquisition of this property saw the Community/Parish now acquire all the properties between the Church and the Church of England Parish Hall. Over the next two years the houses were demolished and the area was filled, levelled and bituminised, converting it to the carpark that it continues to be today.

This work was done by the parishioners and many volunteers who gave of their time quite freely. Not only was this area used as a carpark but also for religious, sporting and social activities.

To overcome difficulties on the other side of the Church, which were encountered on Special Feast Days and at Easter, the Executive Committee decided in 1983 to purchase the property at 89 Beulah Road, notwithstanding the economic difficulties being encountered.

The newly acquired property was renovated by voluntary labour to enable it to be rented. The fence was moved closer to the house and the boundary adjusted to enlarge the area adjoining the Church to generally facilitate the movement of the congregation at Easter or on Special Feast Days.




Three Sunday School girls, (from Left) Vicky Nikolopoulos, Irene Tsarmparlis and Maria Ploumpidis, reciting poetry

The State Premier Mr Don Dunstan speaks at our church
in the presence of the Greek Consul Mr Apostolou

The new front-elevation of our church following the first extension

Father Haralambos officiating at the marriage of
Mr Vassilios Klementou and Miss Paraskevi Tsaousoglou

His Eminence Archibishop Stylianos of Australia, assisted by Father Haralambos, officiates at the marriage of Mr Andreas Kefalianos and Miss Rosemary Langanis on 12 December 1976.

Father Haralambos at the entrance
of our church

Father Haralambos baptises
John Kefalianos with the
Godfather, Mr George Spanos